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Playing music relieves stress, is an outlet for self expression and develops dendrites in the brain that will increase your child's capacity for higher

learning and success.


Lessons Available

Ages 5 and up


Piano Keys Illustration


For those in the classical, jazz, rock, pop, blues, r&b, gospel, country, latin, and church music fields......don't let a lack of musicianship hold you back.

Learn theory, voice leading, improvisation, largely unknown

secrets of Dizzy Gillespie's rhythm concept and much more....



Playing the piano improves memory,

mobility, coordination, cognition,

mood, sleep and recovery time

from injuries and illness. It also diminishes pain, is a reliever

of stress and a great source of joy!

Why not treat yourself

to a piano lesson today....




All students, professionals, seniors, musicians, vocalists, composers and song writers are welcome at all levels to study any of the following:

Beginner Lessons

  • Piano Lessons in Classical, Jazz, Blues, Country, Pop, Rock, R&B, Musical Theater and Church Music.
  • Music Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Composition
  • Djembe drum patterns

Intermediate/Advanced Lessons

  • Piano Lessons in Classical, Jazz, Blues, Country, Pop, Rock, Funk, Samba, Bossa, Calypso, Gospel, R&B, Musical Theater and Church Music.
  • Classical technique of Frans Liszt and Oscar Peterson that produces a sound of sparkling beauty and effortless speed.
  • Discover your unique tone on your instrument that only you can produce
  • Jazz Lessons - Learn and experience the joy of Dizzy Gillespie's largely unknown concepts of rhythm that Dizzy's pianist shared with me

in my 25 years of study with him that are the missing link in most of jazz education today. You'll be awestruck, as university students and

educators have been, by the revolutionary ideas put forth and how implementing them can have a dramatic and lasting

impact on your playing in all genres.

  • Learn theory, voice leading, ear training, improvisation, jazz harmony, systematic harmonic substitution,

functional reharmonization, motive development in composing/arranging and sight reading.

Piano Keys Illustration


You, as a student, are a unique mine, rich in gems of inestimable value, so my teaching style will be attuned and tailored to you individually. Profound concepts of music will be clearly presented to you in easy-to-understand terms. Deep principles of the natural laws of music will be shared with you at your level as needed to improve creativity, interpretation, performance, improvisation and composition to inspire you, cultivate the love and joy of music and solidify your foundation to help you reach the musical heights to which your soul aspires.

In my experience and as a believer in Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, people learn differently according to their natural intelligences and this is especially noticeable in children. For instance, some may be stronger in aural intelligence and learn aurally, others visually, kinesthetically, intellectually and so on. Being attuned to the natural method and need of each student and finding and using the methods that work best for them yields incredible results. Their talent and creative potential manifest through encouragement, inspiration and varied teaching tools and excellence is always promoted, knowing that each person's best may be very different from another's, while having fun and exploring the joy of music together.

Students of mine have described me as patient, supportive, joyful, inspiring, knowledgeable, responsible, attuned,

generous and kind. Over the years, students have left very thoughtful reviews and if you're interested

in reading some, please find two of them in the Testimonials below.

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Piano Keys Illustration


5 out of 5 Stars - passion for music - By Janine Pelegano - NYC, NY - Piano Lessons

My seven-year-old daughter has been taking piano lessons with Gwen for almost a year now, and we are truly amazed at how much she has learned, and more importantly we are thrilled to see that she is developing a real love of music. Gwen is patient, gentle, and has a true gift for teaching piano. My daughter looks forward to piano each week, and she is so comfortable with Gwen. We think this is the beginning of a life-long appreciation for music.

5 out of 5 Stars - Gwen is fantastic! - By Elaine Ren – NYC, NY - Piano Lessons

I've been learning piano for 5 years. Gwen is my third piano teacher. I felt so so lucky to finally find her as my teacher. She is truly outstanding. She is very knowledgeable, and is consistently enthusiastic. Any question you asked no matter from very basic or to more advanced questions, she not only gave you an answer, but also why this is the answer. Most importantly, after learning from her, you will love piano more! It has been a wonderful experience that I could not have achieved without Gwen. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn piano.

Dad! I learned more in my first lesson with Ms. Wahman than I did in the last two years with my last piano teacher! - By Julian R. - Pineview School, Sarasota, FL - Piano Lessons



  • Teacher of professionals, students ages 5 to 85 and children with autism for over 30 years.
  • Classically and Jazz trained with bachelors degree in jazz piano performance, Cum Laude
  • Performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Aaron Davis Hall, many NYC jazz clubs and internationally
  • Three decades of apprenticeship with jazz notables on the bandstand including performances with Ron Carter, Elvin Jones and Frank Gant among others.
  • Studied 25 years with Dizzy Gillespie's pianist Mike Longo and 4 years with Jazz legend Ron Carter


Piano Keys Illustration


With over forty years of performing and 30 years of teaching experience in NYC, FL and abroad, Ms. Wahman’s passions are still music and fostering the talent of children, adults and seniors through its study. Her twenty-five years of intense study with Mike Longo, five years of study with Ron Carter and decades of apprenticeship with Jazz notables on the bandstand have taught her profound concepts of music that she clearly presents in easy-to-understand terms for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student of any age.

Ms. Wahman has performed with such Jazz legends as Ron Carter, Elvin Jones and Frank Gant among others and in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Aaron Davis Hall, many NYC Jazz clubs and venues and internationally. Ms. Wahman enjoyed working regularly at Tavern on the Green with her quartet and quintet and internationally on the Billionaire Residence Ship "The World." She was the regular pianist at Christ Lutheran Church, performing Jazz and Gospel for church services, performed keyboards in the musicals Sing, Fiddler On The Roof, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder and Cabaret and appeared on the TV shows Jazz Perspective and First Exposure.

Born and raised in NYC, Ms. Wahman began performing professionally as an actress/singer in an Equity tour at seven and a ballet dancer with the U.S. Terpsichore Ballet at fifteen. Her Jazz piano career began at age twenty when she started performing and recording with world class jazz musicians, including Benjamin Brown and Adam Rafferty, eventually forming her own band that is still active today and whose members have individually performed/recorded with Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, James Brown, Prince, Gregg Allman, Tony Bennett, George Benson, Lou Rawls, Al Green, Lena Horne, Buddy Rich, Chick Correa, and Jon Hendricks among others.

Since 1979 Ms. Wahman has composed blues/jazz and since the late 1990's Ms. Wahman's jazz ensemble have recorded and given exciting performances of her unique compositions with their unifying message of peace to large audiences in Manhattan where audiences often learn a song and sing along. Through a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council grant, one special concert called “Joyful Jazz for the Unity of Mankind” included a panel discussion/Q&A that explored Jazz’s spiritual potency.

Ms. Wahman has taught piano in NYC music schools, private schools and charter schools, in a FL conservatory, privately in her music studios in NYC and FL and internationally to students/professionals from age 5-85, including children of all backgrounds and on the Autism spectrum. She is looking forward to meeting you to help you or your child reach the musical heights to which your souls aspire!

Piano Keys Illustration
Piano Keys Illustration